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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Charlotte Skye - Birth Story 3-8-2015

We just met this amazing little person last Sunday. Her name is Charlotte Skye and we are all so in love with little miss.

Some might remember that I REALLY wanted a home birth when I was pregnant with Blake but it just didn't work out. 

This time I was just planning on heading to the hospital and getting in and out as fast as possible. But then I was told I was going to need to get an antibiotic 4 hours before birth (Blake's labor was 3 hours!) and if I didn't get it soon enough we would have to stay 48 hours after birth. I was really trying not to stress about it but it was just giving me major anxiety. Ryan, a past client friend who is a doula herself ( gave me a bunch of encouragement and info and I asked her if she knew of any midwives that would be able to work with me. Remember, I'm already over 38 weeks pregnant! Robert and I prayed and gave God my worries and he just totally gave me peace and I knew He had control of how and where we were going to meet our little girl. And truthfully, I had my preference but knew whatever was going to happen was His will.
Well, Ryan got me in touch with her midwife on Tuesday the 3rd who then called me back the next day to give me the number of another midwife she had spoken to who was able to work with me. I called Melissa Mattey of on Thursday the 5th and we talked and set up a time to meet with her on Saturday the 7th. Robert happen to have Saturday off and then was starting his vacation on the 8th.

Robert and I met with Melissa and she was great and easy to talk with. We both felt very confident with her helping me have the home birth that we hoped for. When we got home Robert and my parents with the kids help moved 2 book cases, Blake's crib/toddler bed and shuffled some stuff around in Kiera's room.

Throughout the night before Charlotte came I slept restlessly. Maybe I was having small contractions or it could have been an upset stomach, it was most likely small contractions. I got up about 8am and had what quite possibly was a contraction (this is what I was thinking) so I told Robert but wasn't positive. I text my mom who said she would bring coffee and then I text Melissa at 9:30am telling her that I was pretty sure I was having contractions but they weren't very long or close. I also text Erin who was going to be documenting our little one's birth story and told her I thought I was in labor but would let her know. I text her again just before 11am and said for sure it was labor. My parent's got here between 10am and 10:30am. 

Melissa and Lauren (the assisting midwife) got to our house between 11:30am and 12pm to check on me and listen to the baby and just got everything set up. After, they left to give me some space and hung out at the shopping center that is just around the corner.

Erin whose business page is captured some amazing moments that I get to share with you! 

Just so you know, I don't remember exact times, I'm referencing my phone text messages. :)

Here's where it speeds up a bit. Erin got here at 1:50pm, Melissa checked in with me at 1:58pm and I responded with "contractions are about 10 minutes apart, maybe closer". Robert told me to let her know when I was ready for them to come back and I told him that he needs to let me know when I was ready for them. :) At 2:15pm he told me to text Melissa and I told her "they're under 5 minutes now." Melissa and Lauren got here probably 5 minutes later.

As I was laboring in our patio I thought, I should have opted for the pool and just had the baby out there. :)

 After another long contraction I figured it would be best to head to our room.

Kiera was telling me she wanted to stay and watch. I know my sensitive girl so I told all the kids that they could stay to watch but that if it bothered them that it was ok for them to leave.

After getting to our room I decided the floor would be a better birthing spot, getting up on to our bed did not sound appealing. So Melissa quickly made a padded clean area on our floor right where Blake's bed was the day before (what timing!).

Nathan stayed in the room with us after everyone headed back to the living room and maybe after the 2nd contraction I felt like I needed to push. Robert sent Nathan and Nathan went to the living room and said "they need you now".

Nathan's the only one who stayed to see Charlotte born. After, I was talking to the kids and Domenic said, "I didn't get to see her be born" and Nathan said "I did" and I asked him what he thought, he said "It was neat but I'm glad I'm not a Mommy". haha such sweet honesty!

Charlotte Skye was born at 3:07pm

I absolutely LOVE the expression on all of their faces!

I LOVE this man!

My mom and dad thought the whole thing was just amazing.

I have to share because I think it's so cool. The cord was still pulsing even 40 minutes after Charlotte was born! I'm so glad she was able to get all that good blood!

Our midwife Melissa

 7 lbs 6 ounces!

Blake has done great! I'm thinking it's because mommy and daddy didn't leave and come back with another person. I heard that other people have said the same thing, that their toddlers or younger kids have done better adjusting and accepting their baby sibling with home births.

A few people have asked me what I thought about giving birth at home. I think it's absolutely amazing! I think a woman should birth wherever she feels most comfortable to do so.
It was not only more comfortable and relaxing for me but for Robert as well. I feel like he was more on the sidelines when we were in the hospital, trying to support me the best he could but this time he was totally present. Both he and I do not like the drive to the hospital, I think it's awful actually and everyone agreed Robert would have been delivering this little one in the car.

Seriously, how is it that everything fell into place within just a few days? God is so good!


  1. so beautifully and wonderfully made! Another gift from God--congrats to the whole family that includes grandparents too!!