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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Legoland Fieldtrip 10-20-14

Last month we were able to go to Legoland on a field trip with our school. None of us had ever been so we were all pretty excited. Nathan said, "Legoland is Awwwwesome!" afterwards. It was so fun because all the kids could pretty much go on any ride they wanted to. Blake however did NOT like being measured.
Kiera and all her (Lego) Friends!

Takin' a break on daddy's shoulders.

We got up to the front of the line for this ride and Blake refused to be measured so the nice ride attendant suggested we get a wrist band that says his height.

Kiera and Nathan got to drive REAL lego cars! They had stops signs and lights and they did really well.

Later on in the day they drove the cars again and after Robert said he was going to let one of the kids drive home since they were professional now, all with their driver's license. Nathan piped up "I'm a good driver!" and I said "I don't know, I saw you cut off that girl, drive on the wrong side of the road and run into a curb a couple times." He smiled a little sheepishly. ;)

Waiting to get measured for his wrist band.

 The kids kept getting on this ride, I think they rode it about 4 times in a row.

 Keeping shoes on Blake is quite the task.

 I want to put this on our Christmas card. haha I'm totally not joking!
 These guys crack me up!