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Friday, February 21, 2014

Train Trip to Chinatown 2-6-2014

We just went on our second train trip to LA Union Station. I have to say it was much more enjoyable and way less stressful than last time. Last time part of our group missed the train and well, I wrote that post here. We decided that we would check out Chinatown since it was around the Chinese New Year celebration time. I think we expected it to have more going on but it was still neat and a fun adventure of the blind leading the blind. haha 

 We found a shopping area which had a TON of little shops. One mom bought red eared slider turtles, 2 for $5. How can you beat that deal? The boys picked ninja swords ($1 each) and Kiera's parasol... $4.

 Kiera wore her Moby wrap and carried her doll Sofia the whole time. Such a good little mommy.

 There's a Wetzel Pretzel in Union station. Score!

 Blake does his own sound effects when he sword fights. ;)

Fun day! Next year we're thinking of going south on the train. We shall see. :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Museum and the Sunset 1-17-2014

Last month we were able to visit the Creation and Earth History Museum because a wonderful mama in our homeschool group set up a field trip. It's a bit far but we actually made some good time getting down there (it's in Santee, CA).

Now on the way back there was more traffic and Blake was over being in the car so we made a stop for about an hour at the beach. Just enough time to get a good walk in and...

 ... see an amazing sunset!
 I thought it was cool how the anemone was hanging upside down!
Bat Star
(Rock-acorn?) Barnacle

 Nathan wanted to explore with me. :)
 Water + sand = one happy Blakie!

The kids rode home from there in their chonies but it was definitely a more enjoyable ride home. :)