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Thursday, March 28, 2013

San Diego Zoo Safari Park 3-19-13 {Field Trip}

Have you ever been to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park (formerly the Wild Animal Park)? You should really check it out. I took the kids a couple years ago but this was Robert's first time being able to go and Domenic's first time that he'll remember. haha 
The weather was perfect! 

 Hyacinth Macaw
 Pink Backed Pelican
 I see you too!
 The gorillas! We were able to see them come out and have their breakfast.
awww baby gorilla!
 Oh there's a butterfly jungle exhibit that's open I think only until the beginning of April. It was so cool! If you go wear lighter colors. The butterflies were attracted to white especially.
 Blue Morpho
 She must taste sweet because I had to move it off her face. haha

 He wasn't so sure but he was very careful and held so still. Sweet boy.
 Haha So I know I said the butterflies were attracted to lighter colors... and sweet children too I guess. ;)

 I like how the lioness has her paw up on the males back. haha

 On our tram ride. Blake slept a ton that day, as you can see this is his sleepy face because he had just woke up.
 Pretty cool.
 Elephants! We march from here to there, and it doesn't matter where...

 Hmmm, I think he was done and ready to head home.
 There he is, asleep again.

We walked past the bats on our way out so I took the kids inside for a quick look. They're pretty cool but kinda creepy when they crawl. :/
 The biggest duck I have ever seen! The Shoe Bill Stork.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wrightwood Mountains - March 2013 {Family Trip}

My family got to go up to Wrightwood for a couple nights and while we were there the kids were able to play in the snow. We had been planning to go to the snow at the end of February so we got them their own sleds for Christmas (I am a fan of useful presents). The long awaited trip to the snow was finally here and then it was a hot week! So we prayed there would be some snow.
We found a nice little area that was great until we were told that it was private property and we couldn't sled there. :/ It was fun while it lasted!

I love how you can just see the joy on their faces as they experienced sledding for the first time. :)

 My dad said that's Catalina in the distance to the right.

 I had Robert pull over so I could take some pictures.
So pretty! It was a perfect do and this mountain didn't even look real.
 We found some snow!

The cups make me laugh. haha

 Domenic was catching air!

 Haha Nathan's hair
 Go Nancy!

I'm ok!
 David watch out for the coffee!!!
Look at those sledding skills. Avoiding the coffee cup while holding a toddler. I'm quite impressed!

Here comes Robert!
Nathan pulling back...

 Nice follow through Nathan! 

Haha Obie's marshmallow pants. ;)
 Back in the car having a snack while the adults figure out where there was more snow to play in (this was after we were told to leave where we were).
  We didn't find more snow that wasn't all muddy or super crowded so we went back to the cabin and all of us went for a walk to a playground while Robert and David BBQ'd.
 awwww brothers!

 "hi auntie!"

 Blake's a natural swinger. He was totally pumping!

 TONS of squirrels
 This was the next day. We looked for a good place to play in the snow again but it didn't work out. It was windy and actually quite a bit chillier then the day before.

 I really like this picture! It almost looks like a b&w.
This was closer to home and through my window.