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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The train to Olvera Street 1-24-13

Last week we had the opportunity to take the metro link train to the LA Union Station with a group a friends. My family made it onto the Fullerton station platform about 1 minute before the train got there. Now we were warned that the train only stops 20-40 seconds per stop so to be ready to jump on. I found our group but 2 moms had left to move their cars out of the 3 hr parking and another mom was waiting with the kids. We got on the train because I didn't have our tickets and I was pretty sure the mom who did have them got on as well. The feeling of guilt crept in, "we should have stayed together". As I'm talking to my friend who did make it on the train and had our tickets she says, "oh, make sure you're not in the Quiet Car". Ok, I didn't think we were. Then I looked up and saw a sign "Quiet Car" haha. Oh well, good thing the kids were still tired and so it was easy for them to stay quiet. :) 

About halfway there I got a text saying that the 3 moms would be able to use their tickets and only be 1 hour behind us. God totally worked it out without them having to pay $70 plus dollars more!

At Union Station my family met up with our group and we hung out in the courtyard for a bit (while we waited) with only a tiny bit of sprinkles on a day that the forecast said would have rain all-day-long. I'll say it again... God is good! :)

Here's some phone pictures from our day.:)

Sleepy "quiet" faces

On our way to Union Station!

Union Station has some awesome architecture! 

I don't think this area is used anymore but this is where you use to be able to buy your tickets.

The girls had brought fairies in their backpacks.

A little pond in the courtyard.

After the rest of our group made it we went across the street to Olvera Street.

Group picture!

Avila Adobe, the oldest existing house in Los Angeles and my sweet girl. :)

The shops on Olvera Street

You could see Union Station from the Avila Adobe courtyard.

Not enough sun for the sun dial.

I liked how the light was coming into the room/office in the Avila Adobe.

We had lunch at Mr Churro. So of course we had to get a churro! 

A tiny door for a tiny person. haha ;)

Back in the train on our way home. We were all together this time. :)

We sat up top on our way home too.


Train rides are just too relaxing for Domenic. :)

Back in our driveway. It was a fun day!