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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sweetness and Sensitivity

Our daughter is 6 years old and the oldest of her siblings. She is very opinionated, outgoing, compassionate, creative, sensitive and stubborn. All of those are positive characteristics, even the opinionated and stubborn ones. Maybe I think they're positive because I have those in me as well. ;)

I think it's good to be opinionated because then you know what you believe. I have strong convictions in various things, what I feel is right for my children and family. My husband keeps me in line, I don't just have opinions that can be swayed unless my heart is in the wrong place. If I present my thoughts on any topic my husband always asked me "why do you think that?" or "why do you feel that way?" Almost always I can answer him logically with information or valid reasons to back my opinion. If he doesn't feel it's a strong argument, it's probably just me being overly emotional and like I said, my heart not being right.
So being opinionated is not a bad thing, unless it's mixed with being hard-headed. Then you're saying that even if I'm wrong and the other person is obviously right I'm still not going to change my opinion.

Kiera is definitely outgoing. We went to my friends house for a dinner party and Robert and I were the only one with kids (3 of them!). There were a couple women sitting on a couch and Kiera just climbed up on the couch right between them and started talking to them like nothing. She does holds her own with other kids too. It's funny that when she was younger (baby/toddler) she would give people the straight face, no expression look. Haha! Oh memories. :)

Compassionate. Very much so. Anything that is baby is cute, even baby flies. She'll speak up when a wrong doing has been done whether toward her or toward her brothers/friends. Even if she's in mid play or running by she'll stop and help someone up, "oh, are you ok?", she'll ask, and then take them to their mom or dad to check them. Compassion is such a wonderful gift. If Christ did not have compassion for us fallen, sinful people we would have no hope. It is a very powerful thing to show. In showing compassion toward others we are showing God's love.

Being creative with what you have. I remember we had a huge backyard when I was younger that was dirt and weeds when we first moved in. There were these weeds that would grow on the ground, kind of like a vine. I would pick them and make wreaths out of them. From my memory they were pretty good, not sure what I would think of them now. Kiera designed a playdough dress, made straps and buttons and a trim at the bottom. No picture to follow just something she thought up. Then she made the women to wear the dress and added a bump to make her pregnant. I was impressed! This is a little girl who was tying knots when she was 1 year old. She believes her mommy and daddy can make and build anything. I love that!

Kiera is such a sensitive little thing. There's still cartoons and shows that she hasn't seen or if she's seen part of it does not have a desire to watch anymore. Robert and I were always aware of her sensitivity and do not have any desire to desensitize her or her brothers. There's so much junk out there it's just craziness! We'd prefer to preserve her childhood of Strawberry Shortcake and Leap Frog and not push her to watch Tangled or any of the princess movies for that matter. We're not watching Dora anymore because we had to change it 4 different times (not exaggerating!) in 1 sitting because of a witch or something else that bothered her. I'm totally not into making them "tuff" or downplaying their emotions. They'll be able to handle more with maturity, which is not set at any age. You say, "I am allowed to do anything"--but not everything is good for you. You say, "I am allowed to do anything"--but not everything is beneficial. 1 Cor. 10:23
Sensitive is defined as, "aware of and responsive to the feelings of others." Those who are sensitive toward the welfare of others and have strong convictions/opinions will make a difference in the lives of many.

Being stubborn is not always a bad thing. It is when there's a battle of the wills and the child wants their way though the parents has said no. Fortunately God saw that I should be Kiera's mommy and up her one on stubbornness or standing firm. If she got her way when she stamped her foot or started crying because she wants her way I think it would be the beginnings teaching her manipulation. I think everyone has witness, been a victim to or a part of manipulation. Children/teenagers try with their parents (especially if their tears or whining has worked before), girlfriends pout or throw out the "nothing" when asked "what's wrong?" by their boyfriends. It's a nasty thing, manipulation. Stubbornness is not so nasty unless we're being stubborn to God's calling. If we're telling Him, "No Lord, I really want to do this instead." Sometimes we have to be stubborn (fixed or set in purpose or opinion) or persistent to see things get done.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ending, Middle, Beginning

So our last softball game of the year was last night. I'm a little bummed that we're taking a break for next season because when my team starts back up I'll be a little too far along in my pregnancy to start a new season. I usually play until I'm about 6 months, I only stop because it gets too hard to swing the bat. 
But it's a good thing to take this break, lots of things are going on and I feel like it's just going to speed up. I still have to take care of my top priority, my family and then the house, homeschooling which also involves nature studies, co-op and some field trips. As it is already the middle of October it's Christmas photo time so I'm getting more photo jobs, which is wonderful! 
Next month in November, I'm going on a Mom's retreat for my very first time! I'm only going for the day but I'm really excited that I get to go.
Also in November, I'm hosting a boutique/fundraiser at our house. This is the first one and maybe the beginnings of an annual boutique, we'll see how it goes. I have more info about it on my website. Kiera and I will be handling the bake sale part of the fundraiser, she's my awesome little helper and I'm sure she'll love looking at all the great stuff the vendors will be bringing. Pumpkin bread will definitely be on the menu! We just got our gift catalog from World Vision in the mail and Kiera and I were looking through it and getting excited about what we'll be able to purchase for children and families with the funds that we earn through the bake sale and raffles. She was giving her input on what she thought would be good gifts. Pretty sweet!

We are still in October which means our little man Domenic just turned 2!

So with all that, God knows what's best for me and my family and He also knows if I am feeling overwhelmed I wont do my best job on anything. Which is the most disappointing to myself. I like being busy, just not so busy that I'm not sure what to work on first. I feel like I'm good right now, I know what my priorities are. I also do not want to teach my children that they'll only be content if we're always go, go, going. I want them to learn contentment in just being still.