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Thursday, September 10, 2015

The first three weeks of school 2015-2016

The first three weeks of our school year with camera and phone pictures.
Last year we started country studies and covered north and south America and the United Kingdom so this year we're finishing our country studies.

We started in France and learned some cute little French songs that the kids are still singing.

On Friday we made crepes. The kids have never tried them and I added cinnamon on top while they were cooking. Their response was "they taste like sweet tortillas" and that they liked them.


 We also have been re-doing both bathrooms so some patching, painting and floor installation instruction was given.

 Another thing we've added in this school year is painting about 3 times a week. We watch lessons on you tube or just paint specific items and learn to label their parts.

Making an Eiffel Tower with mini marshmallows and skewers. Note for next time or for others, put parchment paper on the table, don't use frozen marshmallows and toothpicks instead of skewers would have probably been better, or a combination of both.

Recess  morning bird watching 

How to draw and watercolor a humming bird

 Painting is relaxing for everyone, even Charlotte. ;)

Art with Daddy, How to draw a face.
Bug we found on our back screen. Found out (thanks to a friend) it is probably a Rough Stink Bug, which is a beneficial bug.
 We are part of an amazing private homeschool group and within our group we have a support group made up of around 15 families. Every year we kick off our school year with our first mom's night/meeting at a park.

 Bonus nature study points! A Black Crowned Night Heron sighting, it even came as close as 5 feet to Kiera (I've been taking her with me to make travel in  the car easier on Charlotte).
In our 2nd week we met up with friends from our nature study group to see a Shakespeare by the Sea adaptation of Shakespeare's "As You Like It".
 I like going to outdoor shows, especially when you have little ones and babies.

 One of the mom's got there earlier than everyone else in our group (like 2 hours early) to save us this awesome front row spot. Another mama brought cookies to share. I was less prepared (we did eat dinner first!) but glad we made it on time!

 After the show was over the kids got their wiggles out before going home with a game of Red Light Green Light.

 The girls liked the character Rosalind. Kiera said she was showing the girls that she still had her regular clothes on underneath her costume.

The kids like to have their own desks so they were resourceful and used some tv trays we already had.
Sleepy Girl waking up during art time

When we read about Italy and the great artists/sculptors we got out the clay to create some master pieces.  We also found out Donatello has a really long name, just in case you didn't know.

His replica of a Cutie. 
And since we talked about Italy and Sicily it just seemed right to make Great Grandma's biscotti!

It's ok to just zone out too. It's good for the brain. ;)

PE - Night Swimming 

So, there was our first weeks of this school year!
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