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Friday, July 19, 2013

Nathan's hair cut {April 2013}

Nathan's hair is super thick! He has had the most haircuts out of all the kids. He had his first haircut at 9 months old. I love long hair on boys but sometimes it needs to be tamed and what better time for a buzz than in the summer. I know this was in April but our spring days can be pretty hot.

She always wants to be close even if she's not part of what's going on. She's been like that since I can remember. :)

He has had another hair cut since this day (the end of April) but just had it cleaned up around the bottom and by his ears, as per his request. :)

Evening Bike Riding {April 2013}

Just an evening where we hung out in the front for the kids to ride their bikes while Robert watered the grass and I took the opportunity to grab my camera and get some action shots. :)

Robert made a bit of an challenge for the kids to ride by without getting sprayed. :)

Super Dad right there

Nathan took off his training wheels about a month (if that) after this day. He just decided one day that he didn't need them anymore.

She wasn't fast enough. haha

Just chillin' ;)

Blake's 1st birthday {April 2013}

I just realized that I haven't posted anything since March. Not even Blake's 1st birthday! So here it is!
Robert and Kiera made 2 catapillars. I think they came out great!

His little party was only 2 hours but he spent his first hour like this. I had to wake him up.

 Mr. Shy Guy
It was a Quinoa cake and it was yummy (I thought). Though Blake didn't really want to eat food until he was 13 months (yes a month later) then food was like this amazing thing all of a sudden. haha

This picture makes me laugh, it looks like Domenic's drinking a cup of coffee. 

Kiera reading the cards to Blake

Love him!

 Since he was so shy with everyone watching I thought I would try the whole cake smash thing again. He wanted to share with Obadiah.
Here Mommy

He would squish it, see the intense look on his face. haha

He's such a sweet boy!

And of course the best way to end a warm day of celebrating is with splashing in the water.

I'm thankful for our little Blakie. Having him gave me this renewed love for babies and all their little stages and milestones and helped me to appreciate my other 3 children so much more. That might sound bad or odd but I am so glad we didn't stop at 3. Kiera, Nathan and Domenic adore Blake and are all crazy protective of him. I am so content and happy to be a mom of 4 and I love their differences and similarities. They will all be amazing world changers.

If you're wanting to, you can look back at Blake's birth story here. :)