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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nathan's 5th!

June 24th, 2012 we celebrated our little man Nathan Eli. Yep, we have a  5 year old once again! We had a camping theme for his backyard party. Sad to say we hadn't used our tent since Kiera was 1 month old. 

Here's the set up. 

We BBQ'd hamburgers and hotdogs and used our little bbq to roast marshmallows and made smore's with brownies instead of chocolate bars (this was instead of cake and ice cream). Those were SUPER yummy!
We played games after the smore's to try to run some of the sugar off. ;)

 Some good ol' Simon Says

Some relay racing

 Nathan needing a break
 Potato Sack (pillow cases) Races

 And then the presents

The plan was for our family to camp out back that night but after baths we decided to sleep in our own beds and then do the camping thing the next night.
Some bedtime stories 
Lovies in the morning!

The kids wanted to camp again the next night but we decided to take the tent down so the grass wouldn't die.
It was great and I know we'll be doing more backyard camping again. :)