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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

September and October 2012

Here is our life and school from September and October in pictures from my phone. :)

Kiera read some origami directions and made a swan

Blake's sleepy face

Found some udon noodles in the cupboard for noodle art

Noodle art in the living room




Sounding out words

Domenic wanted to do school so he grabbed one of Nathan's cards and started tracing letters.


5 months old!

Art Lesson - Inorganic and organic shapes

cursive practice

LA County Fair

Huge pigs!


Bought some flavored honey sticks from the LA County Bee Keepers. Should have just got plain. Kids agreed.


It's a horse

How cool is this!

Kiera learned how to latch hook a rug.

Making a rag doll

She's also making a rag doll.

We're reading about Thomas Edison. Actually found out today that his mom took him out of school to homeschool him because he asked a lot of questions and his teacher did not like to be asked questions.

Display  for the Wright brothers

The next day Kiera showed Nathan how to latch hook with yarn on our burlap with a crochet hook.

Little Miss wanting to organize the cupboard for me. :)

Lost a tooth!!!

Mickey pancakes for Domenic.

Little man turned 3 on the 3rd!

Sweet mini cornbread muffins to share with our nature study group.

When Robert got home from work that evening we had a little ice cream and Kiera and Nathan sang happy birthday to Domenic.

Blowing out his pretend candle. 

"How old are you now Domenic?"

Haha this one makes me laugh.

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park

Coyote Melon

Ghost Rock


Blake's first time at the beach.

Cool find next to our blanket.

Drawing/Journaling about the day before.

My gardener, he loves to water for me.

My singer

Perfect little head

Perfect chubby toes

Practicing still life drawing

We hosed out the patio because it was so dirty and way to many spiders but it didn't drain as well as I had expected it to. But the kids took charge and got a lot of the water out.

"I like my doll house Mom" It had spiders in it before.

The week we talked about apples we made some applesauce.

After the apples were nice and soft we put them in the food processor.

Playing in the rain!

Saw some fireworks on our way home from a date!


My late night baking buddy

I heard the water on in the back and when I looked this is what I saw. 

Smoothies and some girl time

Brothers and nature

Nature study fun

Nathan made a hat and said "look mom, it's my shepherds hat". He was trying to hold still for me. :)

Then Kiera and Domenic wanted hats, so they made some too.

All dressed up for some family pictures!

My dad showing the kids how a motor works.


Daddy's home!!!

The mini pumpkin loaves that I baked for the fundraiser.

New business cards!

Pancake Breakfast at the boutique! Yum!

Cuddles with uncle David

Flowers from my Dad for my birthday

We went with friends to a convalescent home and passed out goodies. We took cookies and made pumpkin face cards that said "Jesus Loves You" on the back. The kids were all dress up in costumes.

The lady that led us through to home surprised the kids with ice cream cones.

We were watching Kiera, Nathan and Domenic ride their scooters around the van in our driveway.
Peek a boo Blakie!

Nathan had been wanting to build me a picture frame so Robert took him to the hardware store to get the supplies. I sent Kiera out to take these pictures since I wasn't suppose to see. :)

She loves writing in cursive and wants to do all her copywork that way.

I seem to be missing some pictures but that was our September and October. Hope you enjoyed our memories while I reminisced. :)