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Friday, July 25, 2014

Camping in San Clemente 6-28-14

A couple weeks ago my family got to go RV camping with my parents down at the beach. Our first night we stayed in Coronado and I didn't take any pictures (with my big camera) so these are from San Clemente which is where we stayed the 2nd night. They had 1 spot left so we did a bit of dry camping, though we did have water.

Blake had a fever a few days before we left and it was still lingering a bit on Friday, but by Saturday it was gone and his appetite was back.

The first thing we did when we parked at our site was start a fire so we could roast marshmallows.

I found these telescoping skewers in the $1 section at Target, they're pretty awesome.
 Blake having some graham crackers before we were ready to roast marshmallows.

 Space to run!

 See how long the skewers get? Keeps the fire far enough away from little hands.

 So we don't always have chocolate but really, roasting marshmallows is their favorite part anyway.
 And then after dessert we had dinner. Hot dog roasting.

 He was excited to roast his own hot dog.

 After dinner 1/2 of us went for a walk. We did see a skunk, but we saw this first.

 Chess and checkers and a new little friend in the next campsite brought glow sticks to share.

I'll have to add the pictures of the kids eating their huge ice cream cones that my dad got them at the beach snack shack the next day. That was the most ice cream they've ever had at once. haha

Friday, July 18, 2014

Nathan's 7th Birthday (Ninja Turtle Style)

Nathan's 7th birthday! He was trying to decide between a baseball party and a ninja turtle party. I'm glad he went with ninja turtles, it was fun creating the games prizes and masks.

 I went to Jo-Ann's and bought a 1/4 yard of felt of orange, blue, purple and red. We were able to make 6 masks of each color and Robert and Kiera cut out the eye holes and the nose notches.
 Then of course we got pizza because that is a ninja turtle staple. 7 cheese pizzas!

 Kiera was in charge of face painting, all the girls were all over that.

 Chocolate cupcakes with green frosting.

 I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it but Robert made a board with circle cut outs. I put tissue paper behind the holes and then a brown paper bag with a prize. So all the kids got to punch out a hole and grab their prize. There were some bags that were empty because the prizes wouldn't fit through the holes, I had those in a bag next to me. They all thought that game was pretty fun! I got the idea from this blog Ours was blue and the 3 fold board so the holes were only in the middle, 24 holes.

 Light Saber battle at the end of the party.

 Haha I love Nathan's Intense-Happy face!
 Since Robert and my dad couldn't make the day time party because of work (it was a Tuesday afternoon) we did cake and ice cream that evening. Robert's parents and my mom were able to make the day time party which was nice. :)
 Nathan got an army hat
 Dog tags
 and the kind of flashlight he wanted (almost blinding Mommy here)
 And some army pants. He was pretty excited about all his army stuff. And of course Blake bringing the rock music to the party. haha

My 4 wonderful blessings!!!
 I like how Blake gives some blowing support.
Oh my sweet Nathan! He is an awesome little person and young-man. I'm so honored and beyond blessed to be his Mama!