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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kiera's 7th Birthday & Grandma's 91st.

Last Saturday we had a combined party for Kiera and my Grandma Frances at my parent's house. It was planned because I wanted to do something super small for Kiera (2 friends plus us) and my aunt wanted to do something for my Grandma. Kiera's birthday is August 3rd and Grandma's is August 4th. So, I suggested we combine the parties, making it a potluck. It worked out really well!
Here are a lot of pictures for everyone to enjoy. :)

Domenic and Kiera catching her breath and I think that's Diego under the water.

Robert was throwing the ball for all the kids to try to catch in mid air. Diego was first up!

Kiera having fun falling into the pool

Natalie's turn!

haha nice catch!

Now Aidan...


Oh, fumble!

This is how Nathan likes to relax in the pool.

Kristy was getting her baby fix for the day. First Obadiah and then Blake. :)

This picture makes me laugh every time. Ha! I think it's awesome!

Oops, jumped a bit too soon.

Kiera's Great-Grandma Lela (Lombardo) and Great-Grandma Amelia (Nunez)
I missed the hand on the head... Why did she put it there!?! Silly Grandma!

Kiera with her Grandpa Robert

Time for the brownie s'mores!

They make them look so yummy don't they!

Robert bought the JUMPO marshmallows. They were on sale. ;)

I think he enjoyed it.

My Beautiful Grandma rockin' 91! Yes!

19 sounds better I guess...


and 2

I looked over and saw this beautiful sweet face. ;)

Happy 7th birthday sweet Kiera girl!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Villa and Pier {8-2-12}

Robert, Kiera and Blake and I went on a little road trip adventure to the Getty Villa in Malibu. We drove past the Santa Monica Pier on the way and Kiera said she wanted to go to the beach so I told her we probably could on the way home. The Getty Villa is free but you have to get tickets for a timed entry. Parking is $15 too. Why did we go on this little adventure? Because I've never been and Kiera's birthday was on the 3rd but Robert was off on the 2nd and 4th. :) 
Each garden area had a body of water. Some of them had a long stretch of water spanning the length of the long garden. It was very pretty!
At the Santa Monica Beach we found some metered parking because we weren't going to pay $7-$12 to park and we did a little walking. 

The ceiling by the first garden we saw. Pretty!

Above the garden.

My little detective 

I liked this window

Half of this statue was in the sand under water, which is the side that looks nice and smooth still. The other side is messed up from little sea creatures trying to make a home in it.

Love the architecture

Little friend 

There was a kids activity room there!

Like I said, a "kids" activity room. heehee ;)

What's wrong with this picture??? Do you see my creepy hand next to Kiera? The Thing!

That's better and Kiera's smiling now. haha

One of the corridors running along side the garden.

"Mom take my picture!" What's with the pose? Silly girl. :)

Santa Monica beach has adult size swing sets and play areas. Really cool!

The Ferris wheel on the pier.

Is it the end? Or just the beginning? ;)