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Sunday, September 22, 2013

School Pictures in the Park {2013-2014}

Last week Robert and I took the kids to the park to take a few quick school pictures. I had already asked the kids a couple days before what their favorite things were that they would like to have in their pictures with them. I think the things they said were pretty sweet... you'll see. :)
So, down stairs we went with a blanket, the globe I had growing up, a bag of some books and a couple apples (that the kids kept asking if they could eat) and of course my camera and the kids! ;)

Kiera went first because being the oldest she's usually the test subject.

Our 3rd grader this year!

Laura Ingels Wilder is one of her favorite people to read about so out of all those books she picked "On The Banks of Plum Creek" as her favorite. Her doll's name is Alexia (she calls her Lexi like her friend) and of course they had to match for their pictures. ;) Our sweet girl!

Next up was Nathan. The 6 year old! The 1st grader!

Nathan chose to have his guitar in the pictures with him, his second choice was his dog Brutus. And he said his favorite book is "Little Jake's Big Bowhunt". Yep, collar shirts and chanclas is how we roll around here.

Then we had our pre-school classmates together, Domenic and Blake.

Domenic doesn't really have a favorite book because he just loves and I mean LOVES being read to. Blake enjoys any book that has animals, especially if you make the animal sounds as you're reading.

Oh and they both enjoy a good apple too.
Sign courtesy of Kiera and I guess Domenic since it's his board.

I love close up pictures so here's some of those.

And this is what 4 children look like after they are told to not mess around and all look at Mommy.
HAHA hey at least they're all looking this way.

And a bit of a candid moment I thought was pretty sweet. :)