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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Anniversary Week! {2-26 to 3-3}

Hi! It has been a while since I've posted anything and I've been thinking about it and I really didn't have much to say. So I didn't say anything I guess. But I did want to write about this past week before I forget!

Robert took a vacation for the week and we celebrated our 8 year anniversary. :)

On Saturday night Kiera told me our schedule for daddy's vacation week. I like how she planned something and then had a "break/off day" between each activity. She's a good little organizer. ;)

Robert's vacation started on Sunday. My mom watched the kids for a few hours while Robert and I went for a drive. I was looking for some photo shoot spots and had some places in mind. We stopped to grab food for me, then a while later we stopped to grab food for him. We did find the place that I want our family photos taken at! On our way back we stopped at a mattress store which made me sleepy because you have to lay down to see if the bed is comfy. haha sleepy pregnant lady here!

Found some tracks, thinking raccoon

Those are some nasty claws that I would not want to come in contact with.

What do you see? A triceratops? 

We thought this place was pretty cool. I think the kids will like it.

Monday was our break-off-day so we did school, did laundry and dishes and picked up around the house and went grocery shopping. It was nice just being all together. Robert ended up making dinner because my back started hurting a whole lot during our shopping trip. I guess pushing two boys in a Costco cart could be a little strenuous but I didn't really think much about it since the cart wasn't full. Note to self... do not have abs of steel...
It also rained!
We heard it start to sprinkle so everyone grabbed their rain gear... as you can tell they were waiting for it to start raining. The sprinkling had stopped when they had gone outside.

Now it was starting to sprinkle. And within minutes it was pouring!
Domenic was the first one to come in. He was cold.

Tuesday, we went up to the snow just past Wrightwood to the Mountain High Ski Resort in the Angeles National Forest. Yay for real snow!!! It had just snowed 6" the night before so that was perfect timing. We don't have snow gear so we brought the kids rain boots. The plan was good but we did not forsee the snow falling into the boots, thus still resulting in freezing toes. Oops. They needed snow pants to go over their boots to prevent that from happening. Maybe next time! The kids got to see a real ski lift just like we had seen in our Curious George book and snow boarders doing tricks. Of course they built a snow man with Robert's help. Actually I think it was a snow lady. The kids (and daddy) got to throw snow balls! So fun! Just the month before was the first time the kids (and Robert) had actually seen and touched real snow but it was mostly ice. So this was the very first time they got to actually sink into the snow and the highlight for Kiera was being able to make snow angels. :)
In the evening we all went out to the softball game and watched Robert play. We don't go out to see daddy play very often so this was a fun ending to our day.
Oh, did I not mention that it was our 8 year anniversary this day! Yep! Spent the whole day all together with all my loves. Robert and I have been together for 11 years, which doesn't seem like very long but so much has happened, so many wonderful things in this short amount of time. I love being the head coach for the manager God gave me, while training our little team players. ;)


Haha Nathan wanting to throw a BIG snowball at Robert

Robert bombed him with a big snowball before Nathan had the chance to throw his.


And then Robert got Kiera who said, "Mom! Where are you? I can't see! It's coooold!"


Team work on the base of the snowman

Thought this was cute!

Nathan at the ready with a snowball

Their snow lady. I had given Domenic my gloves because they were dry.

Kiera's snow angels

The drive home as we were coming down the road.
Watching Robert play softball

Wednesday was suppose to be another break-off-day but I ended up going to the doctor's for a rhogam shot and blood test that I was suppose to get a few weeks ago and they felt like I shouldn't wait any longer and then Robert had a doctor appointment with the podiatrist. So we called it our half-break-off-day.
My viewpoint while I was trying on a dress that I had bought when I first found out I was pregnant with Nathan.

Thursday the the other half-break-off-day so we did stuff at home again and then we went to the library. I had been needing to go to the library for a couple weeks and when we finally went the 2 books I was looking for weren't there. Despite that it was still a successful trip and we got some neat books.
Truthfully I couldn't remember what we did on Thursday. I had to ask Kiera. haha

Friday we read a lot of our borrowed books and then went to Disneyland in the afternoon. We all had a good time after the initial crying. Domenic fell asleep, Nathan didn't want to go on the Jungle cruise ride, his crying made Domenic wake up and start crying and then Mommy said "let's go home!" and then Kiera started to cry. Robert had a little talk with the boys and the rest of the time there was enjoyable. The boys and I got some good seats to see the Soundsational parade while Kiera and Robert jumped on a couple rides together. They joined us right before the parade started.
I told the kids during dinner that night that they were lucky they had a nice daddy to give them a second chance today because mommy would have taken them home and that would have been the end of our disney trip with all the crying. They looked at Robert and said "thank you daddy!"
Kiera wore her wings and dressed like Fawn.

She wouldn't look at the fairies while they were talking to her. She answered them but she was being all shy. I thought that was pretty cute because she's usually not.

She posed this way because they told her that's how Fawn would stand. :)

Saturday was Robert's last day of vacation. We got up early to head to the Whittier Pregnancy Care Clinic to participate in their annual Walk 4 Life. Nathan walked half and Kiera walked the whole way. Domenic just chilled in the back seat of the stroller. Before the walk started Kiera got a butterfly painted on her face while the boys and I decorated a sign to hold while we walked. Our sign said Jesus <3's You and had foot prints and hand prints and other drawings the boys wanted to add to it.
Robert got a picture of Kiera before she took a bath.

That was our fun family week!
Oh! One thing I forgot to mention was we finished our taxes before their due date! Seriously, we usually are rushing to get our taxes postmarked on the final filing date. Last year I even had to drive to Robert's work so he could sign the papers before I mailed them. So it only took us 8 years to finally get them done early and I told Robert it's because this year we did not say "we'll get our taxes done early".