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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Nature Outing 5-8-14

Part two of our frog search at Craig Regional Park in Brea. This time friends met us there, because it's always fun to explore with friends!
 I forgot to change my WB back to sun so I ended up with this. I kept it because I like it!
 Found frog eggs! Actually we found a frog right by the frog eggs but the boys scared it away.
 There be some baby frogs in them there eggs!
 "Don't fall in please!" - me because I know they will stink after and we didn't bring a change of clothes.
 Egret and an Egyptian Goose
 Yep that's an Egyptian Goose. It looks like a mix between a duck and a goose so my friend Amy grabbed her phone and did some searching and found out that's exactly what it is. I guess they're very common in Egypt.

 Nathan's good about sitting still and observing so animals tend to get pretty close to him.

                               Egret                                                                                                                      Boy
 Nathan and I got to see the egret fish!

 It caught a crawfish

Fun times!