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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Some December Memories (2014)

Our December seemed a little off this year, we didn't get to do all the "fun" December activities that we're use to doing. We kept getting sick and then re-lapsing (or at least 1 person would and then everyone else would) so we spent a good majority of our December at home. Which was actually ok besides the colds but it wasn't anything major so it was bearable.
Kiera commented that it just didn't feel the same (it's true our decorations went up a bit late and we went very minimal this year) but I reminded her of the things we were able to do. We got to do our handicraft fair, we got to do our daily Jesse Tree devotionals and everyone was well enough by the time the living nativity date came so we all got to go to that. The kids talk about the living nativity throughout the year, so they totally look forward to that. And the best part, no one was sick for Christmas! Kiera told me, "I guess God wanted us to stay home instead of going all over the place" and she did agree that it was nice to stay home.
Rest, I think is what God was teaching us, and that's what we're taking into this new year that we've been given.

Here are authentic moments, mostly at home, that I caught with my camera.


These two always want to help wash dishes and most of the time I just have them help me unload the dishwasher but this day I let them help me. I gave them a couple bottle brushes and let them scrub some dishes and drench the counter and floor. I took this when I went to grab some towels so no one would slip.

I love how the kids can create amazing things out of "stuff". The recycle bin is truly a gold mine to them.


 Blake asked me to take a picture of his building.

 Blake showing me what he made.

Nancy and I mixed up some gingerbread dough for the kids to make some cut out cookies. They all did great and were super detailed and careful.

 Jammies and aprons are the perfect attire for some cookie makin'!

 The recipe we used was super yummy and we got it on the King Arthur website.

The little ones were watching Baby Einstein to keep them from eating any cookie dough that might fall on the floor.

 Kiera started learning the clarinet this year and plays in beginning band with OCMA.

We had a delay in the kids Christmas present delivery so we had to postpone giving them their gifts (from us) until the Sunday after Christmas. On Christmas day we still got to do stockings and they opened the gifts for each other.
I took a day Robert was home before Christmas and took each child individually to the store. Nathan went to the dollar store, Kiera went to the 99 cent store and Domenic checked out the dollar bin at Target. I love how particular they are when they pick gifts out for each other and their grandparents. Kiera picks out nice things that remind her of the person, Nathan picks out practical gifts that do really go with the person and Domenic picks out things that he likes so yea, of course the recipient will like it too. :)

So these pictures are of them opening their gifts from us. I always use our video camera on Christmas  day instead of my regular camera.

 Nathan actually helped me pick Blake's gift. Little Safari Potatoe Head Spuds that come in a little case.

 The one thing Domenic really wanted was this Batman Cave.

 Nathan wanted something like a swiss army knife with a pocket watch. Robert found him a utility tool with a compass and flash light.

 Kiera has a mini Saige American Girl and she really wanted another one named Kaya.

If you made it to the end, I hope you enjoyed our together time in December.

Hope you're Christmas was wonderful and your 2015 is blessed!