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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Blake is 2! {Another 2nd Birthday Post for Blakey}

We got to celebrate our little Mr. Blake (also known as Blakey, sometimes Blakers and uncle Brian calls him Blaketown now that he's no longer Baby Blake) with bubbles, BBQ, family and cookies and ice cream. On his birthday (Friday, April 25th) we put a couple candles in a muffin and his siblings and Robert and I sang to him. It was pretty cute hearing him sing happy birthday to himself.
Bubble guns are a favorite!
Doesn't it look like Kiera's in the bubble?
Trying to get mommy!

Silly guy!

We had a pack of 100 bubble wands! Not really, but there were a ton of bubble wands and some bubble blowers and between all the kids they finished off one of those jumbo containers of bubble solution.
Totally looks posed (it's not). haha

That one blew some big bubbles.
I love the many faces of Blake!
This one he just looks too much like a big boy. :(
Can you see me?
Bubbles with Auntie Nancy

Little people and smaller little people.

These toes are delicious!
The Grill Master
"Is my sausage ready?"
Getting her baby fix in. ;)
Uncle Brian and Kiera
We did cookies and ice cream instead of cake. My mom made her oatmeal cookies and in case you've never had them, they are the best!
Everyone was singing to him
                               Hi sweet boy!

I do believe they are related...
Yep, definitely related!

He enjoyed his cookie and ice cream!
So, I caught this... Kids and their phones these days! ;)

Look at that multi-tasking going on right there! 

Uncle David called Robert to ask which team Blake likes... Obviously if he would have called me there would have been more red in this picture.
Though the blue shoes are super cute!

Yay for books!