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Friday, November 8, 2013

Domenic turns 4! 10-3-2013 Roadtrip 2013-RV Adventures

We got to Everett, Washington around 10:30pm on October 2nd. The boys had been sleeping so they were able to wake up and walk into my uncle and aunts house. Poor Kiera was trying to hang but once she saw the Space Needle she fell asleep.

The next day was Domenic's 4th birthday. My cousin and I took him shopping for cupcakes and ice cream so after dinner he was able to open up his presents.  

 Big sister reading his cards to him.

 He picked some cupcakes that had Elmo on them. It was a double score because they were actually rings! Woo Hoo Elmo rings!

 He was so cute! Seriously should have taken a video with how he moved and did his Iron Man stance. Oh man! Our sweet 4 year old!

Winters 10-1-13 Roadtrip 2013-RV Adventures

The 2nd night on our trip we stayed in Winters. We didn't have cell reception, I guess the farmers wouldn't allow any companies to put up cell sites in the area. We were about 9 miles off the main road and right up against a dam. It was really pretty with wild turkies, huge acorns, and a deer that we saw when we first pulled in.

 From Kiera's camera...

 She told me, "Mommy, it was so pretty I just had to take a picture of it." about the picture above. :)

Moss Landing 9-30-13 Roadtrip 2013-RV Adventures

On September 29th we set off on a road trip in my parents RV. It was 10 of us total and it was fun, at first stressful and very memorable. We hadn't even been home a full day and Nathan asked when we were going to go on another road trip. :)
I documented our trip with my instagram account so if you are on there you were able to see the highlights, stops and the road. Here are pictures from the 2nd day on the road (1st night was in Paso Robles) where we made a stop at Moss Landing to see Sea Otters but we ended up seeing Sea Lions (turned too soon) which are VERY loud but it was cool to see and hear. 
I handed Kiera my film camera, explained how to focus and zoom and then we were set. Moss landing is right between Monterrey and Santa Cruz so it was a bit windy and nippy.

Now for Kiera's pictures which are not edited. I love the look of film!